Peer Gynt vegen


Two toll sections:

Peer Gynt road is a toll road with payment for cars and motorbikes. Mopeds go free.

Single tickets are valid for the current section, while the season ticket is valid for the entire Peer Gynt road.

new toll solution

From the opening of the season in 2023 we will switch to a new barrier solution that uses automatic sign recognition without the use of a physical barrier.

payment for single passes

Single passes can be paid at within 48 hours after passing. Search for the relevant vehicle and choose a payment method.

You can also register a user and enter a payment card as a payment method at The selected payment method will then be used automatically the next time you use the road. The rates are automatically calculated based on the stated weight of the vehicle when looked up in the motor vehicle register.

NB: If you have not paid at within 48 hours, an invoice with an invoice fee will be issued and sent by post.

one year subscription

Subscriptions are recommended to be purchased via the supplier's website in advance of commencement. You do this by first registering a user, then pressing "buy new subscription" and searching for Peer Gynt vegen by location. From here you select the type of subscription and follow the instructions to make the purchase.

With the new solution, you can easily manage car exchanges yourself. This can be done as many times as you like, but not more often than every 5 days. The season subscription applies to up to 2 vehicles. Multiple simultaneous vehicles require multiple subscriptions.

The subscription is valid from the date of purchase and has a duration of one year.

IMPORTANT: Check that the vehicle in question has been added to the "vehicle register" before using the road. It is not possible to register a pass on a subscription afterwards, then you will have to pay according to ordinary rates and conditions for single passes.


Vehicles under 7.5 tonnes
Skeikampen - Gålå kr 90,-
Fefor - Dalseter kr 80,-
Season ticket (applies to both routes for two vehicles) kr 850,-
Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes
The entire stretch kr 140,-
Peer Gynt vegen
foto og design: Henriksen & Røste data AS